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When making a choice, the better to insulate the roofing system (μονωση) of a private household, it is essential to think about not only the price of the building product, its technological qualities, yet likewise the nuances of the installment job. You can set up the warmth insulator on your own, however in some cases it is much better to use the services of knowledgeable contractors. Insulation option rules – the much better to protect When picking a heat-insulating product, first off, pay attention to the kind of roof, which is pitched or flat. Functions of the roofing structure impact the demands for insulation. When selecting it, a variety of parameters are examined: thermal conductivity – the lower its sign, the extra efficient the insulation will be; period of service life without loss of high quality; dampness resistance; the ability to maintain the initial specifications; environmental kindness – the insulation does not have toxic materials; frost resistance – in case of a temperature drop, the efficiency properties of the thermal insulation product should not deteriorate; certain gravity – preference ought to be provided to low-density heating units, which will not bear down the roof covering frame; fire resistance; noise insulation – is of fantastic importance when preparing “noisy” roofing, as an example, from steel tiles. When they are figured out with the concern of just how to shield the roof covering of a personal residence, it is not advisable to make blunders that affect the high quality of thermal insulation job: Conserving money on high quality. Experts recommend acquiring insulation from producers who have confirmed themselves well for a long period of time. Laying a layer of insulation of insufficient thickness. Offense of the innovation for accomplishing installation job. All products used for thermal insulation of roof coverings secretive households are separated right into numerous teams: in the form of plates; roll; splashed; bulk. Mineral woollen for the roofing of a personal home Selecting exactly how to protect the roof from the inside of a personal home, many choose mineral woollen. It is used to gear up the insulation of level and also angled roofs. This fibrous material is created from liquified rock. In the structure products market, mineral wool is offered in the form of mats (plates) and also roll products. When choosing, one need to take into account its thickness and density. Amongst the advantages of mineral wool: high level of thermal insulation; incombustibility; environmental tidiness; security of parameters; easy installment; inexpensive cost; soundproofing; absence of rats as well as bacteria. Stiff mineral fiber pieces are used for outside insulation of a level roofing structure. Mineral wool with a minimal thickness as well as density is used to insulate angled roofs. Insulation using this product needs the setup of hydro-, vapor obstacle and air flow spaces. These layers avoid wetness from accumulating in the insulation. Otherwise, the heat-insulating top qualities of the mineral woollen are reduced, as well as degeneration processes start in the rafter system. Glass woollen It is sold on the building and construction market in rolls as well as in the form of plates. This is an environmentally friendly insulation with great soundproofing high qualities. When installing a heat-insulating layer using glass woollen, contractors utilize protective clothing and special equipment and observe security preventative measures so as not to harm wellness. Before protecting a roofing in a private residence with mineral woollen, you require to pick a vapor obstacle material, as well as at the same time, glass wool slabs might already have a foil layer on the outside – its visibility simplifies the installation of the thermal insulation layer. Roofing system insulation with foam This prominent floor tile product is likewise called extruded polystyrene foam. It is utilized to protect roofing systems. It is identified by high rates of thermal insulation, immune to humid air. Given that the material does not soak up vapors, it can be applied straight to the waterproofing layer without creating an air space. The flammability and vapor leaks in the structure of broadened polystyrene makes it inappropriate for arranging a shielded level soft roofing. When shielding an angled roof, tiled foam is placed in between the rafters in one layer. In this situation, the edges of the product need to be securely adjacent to the wooden structures. Also, the joints of the plates should be treated with polyurethane foam and afterwards reinforced tape needs to be glued ahead.

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